Random Writing Exercise - Including Errors

A creative writing seminar I went to a few years ago suggested an interesting writing exercisd.  Start writing and keep writing without stopping, no stoppint to edi, just write whatever comes to mine, for a certain length of time.  I don’t remember how long , so I icket 4 minutes as I began to write this.  Today is Saturday and plenty is on my mind, but several times today I took a break to just look out my window.  What a nice site.  My patio overlooks the courtyard in my apartment complex.  There are plants everywhere, and trees, grass, some natural wood landscaping.  A pleasant site.  It relaxes me.  The adjacent neighborhood is pretty cool too.  This is a very walkable neighborhood.  I try to walk everywhere, to the grocery store, my wine hangoug, restaurants, my guitar lesson, the farmer’s market.  I say try because since my MS diagnosis, y wlaking has been somewhat limited, compered to just two years ago.  But I still try to walk.  I’m not sure how cohesive this writing is but here I am still writing, only stopping, well NOT stopping at all.  Is my 4 minutes up yet.  It’s a bit rambling no because in the spirit of the exercise, I don’t want tostop.  So I am basically writing my observations of today.  I love Saturdays.

Timer just went off.  Now I’ll go back and see how I did.  I won’t change anything before posting.  Try this some time.

My evaluation:  not bad, except my keyboard skills aren’t too good.  But I intentionally left the errors in.