Scared Concerned Angry

The worst candidate for President in the history of our great country could actually become President. That should make us both proud and angry; proud that anybody can grow up to be President, angry that so many citizens have fallen for the biggest scam in our great nation's history. We should be scared that a clueless and ill-informed bully can con so many voters; scared that a sociopath could become Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military on the planet.

We should be concerned that so many people can't see this.

Neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump will be a good President. That is something many of us can agree on. My feeling is that Clinton will be ineffective and Trump will be dangerous. I had many spirited discussions with various friends and acquaintances during the last two presidential campaigns. During this one I've had a few very loud arguments. I usually respect the opinions of others even when I disagree, but it is so obvious to me that Trump is grossly unqualified and unfit to lead our great nation. Worse that that, he is dangerous.

The biggest problem with any discussion or argument on this subject this year is that we are so polarized by these candidates. There is nothing nothing nothing anybody can tell me that would lead me to vote for Trump. Nothing!! And there is nothing I can say to some people that would lead them to vote for Clinton. A bigger problem is that for the most part we are not dealing with facts; we are mostly dealing with speculation and innuendo.

One of my bar friends hates Clinton as much as I hate Trump. After a particularly testy conversation a few weeks ago, one in which others at the bar had to referee us, we agreed to stop having political discussions. Fortunately we love music, wine and Indian food, so we have plenty of other things to talk about.

During the past two presidential campaigns we had honorable, qualified candidates on both sides and disagreements were about policy more than character. Both candidates in those elections were fit and qualified. Not this time.

Boomers, this is 1968 on steroids. This is civil unrest amplified by social media. In 1968 we only had three tv networks and very few talk shows. Now we have thousands of media outlets and a culture that values image over substance.

At the very moment in my life where reducing stress is a top priority, I'm scared, concerned and angry.

When my bar friend and I start down that argument path, I usually suggest we debate something less stressful, like which Sinatra song is better, "That's Life" or "Fly Me To the Moon". That comment gets laughs but the stress is still there. How the hell will we keep that stress in the background for the next four years?


That's Life