We the People

Last political post till after the election.

The majority rules in this country. We don't all agree with each other but we accept that if a majority of people elect a President, that person becomes the President. Those of us on the losing side must accept the outcome. If we don't like the outcome, we have the right to say that out loud, print it, broadcast it, blog it.

We do NOT have the right to arm ourselves and try to overthrow the government or assassinate the winner of the election.

There are some asshole militia groups in Arizona threatening to do exactly that if Hillary Clinton wins the election. Who the fuck do they think they are?

By the way, I would be asking the same question if some asshole militia group wanted to overthrow the government and kill Trump if he won the election.

This country is great because we all can vote, because we all can debate issues, because we all can work to find common ground. No one person has all the answers, no one person has all the solutions to our problems. No group of angry, gun-toting assholes has the right to interrupt the peaceful transition of power from one elected President to another elected President.

If Trump wins, I will exercise my voting rights to do whatever I can to limit his ability to fuck up our already great nation. I will write and speak my mind to anyone who will listen. I will insult that asshole every day. But I will also respect the 'will of the people'.

I just hope and pray that he does not win.