It IS Rigged

Our voting process is definitely rigged, but not quite the way Trump whined and lied about during his campaign.

Maybe rigged isn't the right word. Our process is unfair and outdated, subject to corruption, just plain stupid.

The math is really simple: Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, yet Trump will become president because 302 'electors' of the 538 voted for him. Why is this antiquated and obviously unfair system still exist?

We don't actually vote directly for
President. We vote for 'electors' to the Electoral College. The exact formula varies from state to state and is more complicated than I want to talk about here.  The short version: we elect electors and they elect the president. Millions of voters pick 538 people who actually elect the president.  The electoral college electors do not actually have to vote for the candidate they pledged to vote for, although most do.

What all this means is that my vote in Maryland is not the same as a vote in California or a vote in Wyoming. We are 50 states but aren't we ONE COUNTRY?  Shouldn't each vote be worth the same as every other vote?

There were good reasons for this system a couple hundred years ago but not in 2016.

For the 5th time in our history and the 2nd time in 16 years, the candidate who got the most votes did not become president. This is wrong, wrong, wrong and it's time to change the system.