The Process Update 1.0

I've decided to go with three keywords/phrases to guide my year: discipline, stress reduction, fun.

The plan is to do something related to each of these, weekly or even daily. I also plan to track my progress or lack of progress with something resembling a calendar.

So what does each keyword look like? What criteria defines each keyword?  Yes, I will get that specific about it now because I believe a specific definition will help simplify the process.

Stop procrastinating, do things now, organize my home office and keep it that way, work out every day, eat at home more (and plan home meals better so there are fewer excuses). Stuff like that.

Stress reduction:
Meditate, let go of some things that bother me that aren't really all that critical, laugh more, take artistic photographs of serene landscapes, don't watch the news every night, stop reading about or even thinking about the a-hole who is about to be President.

Hang with friends, see more live music, go to more movies, comedy shows, take more photographs, dance.

Hopefully I'm on to something here. The only way to really make this work is to keep track and follow up. Hold me to that.