That Basket

Hillary Clinton started to believe the polls, her advisors and some in the media. She, like many of us, didn't really think Mr. Orange could actually win the election. She also forgot that her arrogance could be her downfall. She forgot to recognize that her spontaneous opponent could get a pass on some of his outrageous remarks because many people didn't take him seriously, yet her own uncharacteristically spontaneous remarks could be interpreted negatively by Trump supporters.

Clinton's most damaging utterance was calling Trump supporters a 'basket of deplorables'.

That arrogant comment lumped together some people who truly were stupid and fell for Donnie's con with smart voters who intensely disliked her and voted for him because they were voting against her.

I can name at least four people from my neighborhood who voted for Trump. All four have college degrees and have professional careers. Three of them are over 50. None of them are deplorable. I probably know several other people who voted orange but they have wisely kept their votes to themselves, as I should have done.

Hillary Clinton is a hundred times smarter and more caring than Donald Trump, but her arrogance puts her in an elite category that doesn't resonate well with 'average people'. Trump is as dumb as they get when it comes to running a country and clearly puts himself ahead of God, country and his wife. BUT he is an extremely talented marketer and salesman. Like most good sellers, he can instinctively read his potential customer and spontaneously say or do things that tap into their buying impulses.

The thing that bothers me the most about him is that he has no concept of reality and truth. And unlike Clinton's arrogance, Trump's arrogance is dangerous. During the campaign he referred to his opponent as Lying Hillary. Yet he lied thousands of times during the campaign, after the election and in the days since the inauguration. Her lies were subject to interpretation; his are proven.

His focus on his fabricated statements about millions of illegal votes for Clinton rather than focusing on learning the job of President adds to the growing speculation that he is mentally ill. And he fuels hypocrisy when he says that many voters were registered in two states, while ignoring the now proven fact that two of his children and two of his cabinet nominees are also registered to vote in two states.

I could go on forever about this stuff but I'd be wasting my time and yours. Let me just end this post with one more opinion: there IS a basket of deplorables, but there is really only one person in it.