Eleven Already?

This month marks the 11th anniversary of my first blog post. Wow, I've been doing this for eleven years?!

My first blog was all about being in my 50s. Through most of that decade I struggled with admitting my age. I still do, especially now that I've entered the next decade. I am usually grateful that I don't look, act or feel like the stereotype of my real age but I still rarely speak the number out loud; and never at work, where most coworkers are half my age.

One of my favorite books on aging is written by the CEO of AARP. Her "Disrupt Aging" suggestion is rather than saying 60 is the new 40 or 50 is the new 30, she says to say "50 is the new 50."  In other words, redefine what it means to be 50 or 60 or 70. I'm all in!

So being a newspaper columnist was a childhood fantasy of mine. Eventually I realized columnists started as reporters and reporters need specific educational qualifications and training. I had different plans but writing has always been part of my career, although it was mostly commercials, brochures and press releases. That last one is similar to a newspaper article, so at least I've experienced a little bit of my fantasy.

Looking at blogging through a different filter, however, leads me to believe I actually AM a columnist. Boomer Randomness isn't exactly the New York Times but in some ways the result is the same. I write an opinion or observational piece a few times a week and publish it. On some level, I'm living that fantasy.

So this blog is 1,250 posts in, plus a few hundred more on the other blogs. Not bad for eleven years.
My next fantasy is making part of my living writing stuff like this. Wish me luck.