I am spiritual but I'm not very religious. I do believe in a higher power but I'm not convinced the form is quite like the entity so many people are taught.

Is there a God?  Does God control everything?  Is every action or circumstance "God's will"?  I ask all three of these questions regularly. My answer to the second and third question is the same: no. I don't have an answer to the first one yet but I'm not afraid to ask it. Everyone should ask it. Most people will find an acceptable answer, with or without evidence.

What about prayers?  Do you believe in prayer and if so, do you expect answers to your prayers?

One reason I question the "God's will" concept and the prayer idea is that my Dad, a straight arrow, by-the-book, moral and religious man, lived the last fifteen years of his life with Parkinson's Disease. His reward for doing the right thing all his life?  Did prayers from friends and family alleviate his suffering or loss of dignity?  Kind of random, in my view.

I'm asking 'why' questions the night I'm writing this because I've had a frustrating day with my MS. Why do I have MS? Is this cosmic payback for some wrong doing in my past?  Is this just a random reaction to some intestinal glitch in my past. I think it's the latter. Will prayer cure me? I doubt it.

I do pray sometimes; every time I board an airplane, for example. Do I expect that prayer to keep me safe?  Not really. But it can't hurt, can it?  It does make me feel a little better and eases the fear of flying I developed after 9/11.

Why do I ask why so much?  Basically I am curious about things, people, beliefs, attitudes, thoughts and many more things. I said I'm not religious but I did find a spiritual home in the Unitarian Universalist denomination about twenty years ago. Why? Because their approach is more about the search for meaning and truth - asking why - whereas most other faiths seem to want to provide answers rather than asking questions.

In my opinion, many if not most things in life are random, with a sprinkling of fate. That's all. Nothing fancy. An example of randomness: I thought of this blog while brushing my teeth. Random. And I wrote it spontaneously and now it's time to go to sleep. Good night. Thanks for visiting.