The Balance Dilemma

Work/life, work/play, work/work/work.

The strategy of finding a work/life balance is to not work so hard or so long each day that it interferes with the rest of your life. I'm balancing laughing with crying as I write this paragraph because it's 8 pm and I'm in my office at work. I've been here since 10 am. I'll go home, eat dinner, sip wine, go to bed. The work/life thing ain't balanced tonight.

THIS paragraph is written two days later, on a Saturday afternoon. I'm so tired and exhausted from work that all I've done today is grocery shopping and napping. I'm sitting in my guest room/home office, attempting AGAIN to make progress on my ongoing cleanup project. It's a beautiful, sunny day. I can see that through the window. I should be on the other side of said window, soaking up sunshine instead of sitting inside shredding old documents and searching for my long lost car title.

Guilt keep me indoors today. This project has to get done. I repeat that sentence every Saturday. I should spend time on this every weeknight, freeing up the weekend for fun, but I work so much each day that all I want to do at night is nothing.

Balance leans toward work lately. The goal is for work and 'life' to, well, balance.  Fortunately I love my work and sometimes it's actually like play. But the balance is still off balance. I know I'll figure it out eventually but I'd like to get it right now.