Write Write Write

I am on a serious role writing this week/month/year. Blog ideas hit me almost every day and many turn into publishable posts. This is the third one I've written today, although I like to spread out the posting a bit.

I fantasized being a writer at some point in my youth. I determined early in college that writing for a living is not a good path for someone who wants stability. I also did not have much confidence in my writing skills, even though my SAT scores led to advanced placement in English courses.

My confidence level is higher now, but I still don't see this as a stable income generator; but maybe writing could be part of a retirement income mix. Hmmmm.

Five published authors are loosely in my social circle. Four of them have written personal, somewhat autobiographical books and the fifth recently published her second novel. None of them make a living writing books but the novelist does make some or all of her income as a freelance reporter.

For years I've felt I have a book in me. After several wine-enhanced conservations with one of my published author friends, I began to visualize writing that book. Funny thing is that this line of thought (or was it the wine?) has led me to mentally outline THREE books. One is based in part on this blog, one is about my Dad and one is my own autobiography.

I do plan to write all three at some point. I do not plan to make any money with them. My motivation with all three books as well as with my blogs is strictly personal. I'd like to think some of my writing is interesting but I write mostly for me. If anyone else likes what I write or gains some kind of positive feeling from reading what I write, that is great!

Even if they don't, however, I'll continue to write, write, write.